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We’ve been asking our community why they feel we need a culture centre for the Westshore. We’ve included their comments below.

If you’d like to contribute your feedback, please fill out our questionnaire. Your comments will be added to this page with your permission.

It builds communities.


More to do with the kids.


Because art and culture is life.


The arts do more to support the economic life of Colwood than sports and at the same time are a great source of satisfaction, solace and intellectual stimulation to so many people. I spend money attending arts events in Victoria and I spend money getting there. I would rather spend my money in Colwood.


Bringing community together and sharing our hobbies and arts and passions.


Colwood people should not have to travel to see a performance nor to perform.


Why should all our arts and culture be downtown and in Sidney?


Because I would be willing to travel from Vic west to enjoy some shows and performances.


Because I don’t feel like I have as many opportunities to participate in an arts community as I should.


We really need a theatre in the western communities that is not attached to the School District. There are no sufficient theatre spaces in Colwood to have local theatre groups perform here. The western communities have done a wonderful job of creating sports venues in the area, but have really missed out supporting the arts. We need a theatre that is large enough that theatre groups, arts organizations, music groups etc are able to sell enough tickets to make a profit after rental, royalties etc are paid. It would be nice to be able to have small touring companies perform in the area and not have to go to the Royal theatre or McPherson in order to see a live performance.


To celebrate culture.


It brings community together.


Less traffic than downtown.


Because its a way to express ourselves and help to build community, elevating consciousness and make us happy.


Art is the spice of life. Connects people and builds community. It offers common ground for people to bond and learn about one another.


I am a resident of Colwood, have been a participant and volunteer at the West Shore Parks and Rec. pottery studio, and at other public art schools (Place Des Artes in Port Coquitlam for instance), and am a professional potter with a municipally registered business and home studio. I am a retired school teacher and administrator and know how important multi-use visual and performing arts spaces are for a community. Finally, my family and I are enthusiastic consumers of arts performances, shows and exhibitions and these events are sorely lacking in the western communities. The West Shore has state-of-the -art outdoor recreation and sports facilities, parks and rec facilities and fabulous green spaces but we do not have the same level of spaces, facilities or learning opportunities dedicated to the visual and performing arts. It should be just as easy to get music, dance or visual arts lessons for your children or yourself in your own community than it is to join a local soccer team!


Closer to my home, more accessible, more option.


Need to have something close to home for everyone to do.


We encourage a well rounded diverse community.


To have a different option.


For my kids.


Local talent.


From a selfish perspective, I live in Sooke and would think twice about driving all the way to downtown Victoria for a performance. Going to Colwood would be a no-brainer. From a community perspective, it just makes sense. The population is growing enormously in the western area. If the performing arts are to thrive, musicians, dancers and actors need a venue where their talents can be nurtured. We also need a theatre that will attract first class traveling performers from other parts of Canada and the world. I commend you on your vision. Keep up the great work!


Our community is growing and it would be great to have a local spot for arts to thrive.


Colwood/Langford growing communities with nothing like this proposed centre nearby!


We need to provide diverse opportunities for youth to support proper developmen.


I am the owner of The Rising, a local circus company and school. We are very interested in an affordable theatre performance facility in which to produce/and perform our circus shows.


Because it will help bring positive outcome to our community. If kids /adults can express themselves then we will have less metal health.


Humanity would be nothing without the arts. Music, theatre, dance, storytelling, craft-making… these things are at the core of who we are as a species. It’s crucial to protect and nurture our creativity. Future generations need to well versed in what it means to be human, and to understand how emotional expression shapes everything we do.


Performing arts are great outlet for youth and help build a community.


They are important features in building a sense of community.


Make Colwood a destination and self sustain place to live.


To have a space for local artists and groups to thrive.


Because we need it.


It’s important for growth and acceptance.


As Colwood is expending rapidly, it would be nice to have a place that offers a space for diverse performances such as concerts, festivals and other events. And allows residents to connect with live entertainment, the performing arts and culture in a way that currently isn’t accessible in our community. This Center would also help to support the appreciation of the performing arts throughout the lifespan. It is a much needed addition to Colwood!


I support because my daughters are very creative and there isn’t many activities for teenagers to do.


I’ve been in music all my life. When seeing funds stripped away from school funds, it brakes my heart. Music and art allow of people from all over to come together.


I support that because its important that kind of things and recreation.


I would like a local space to see theatre productions without having to go into Victoria. I would also like to see a space that artists can display their art.


Adds to the diversity of amenities already present in Colwood.


The growing population and the average age lowering, are clear indicators that what JdF PACS proposes are currently needed and will even more be needed as the population grows. Colwood is a gateway to the West Shore and I see JdF PACS playing a significant part of providing a significant role in growing arts and culture, especially in Colwood.


Culture and arts are the life to a community.


We need it. It’s great for our hearts and souls.


I live in the Westshore and want to play in my community.


Cause it helps people do what they love/are passion about.


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